Jiyo Parsi scheme

News:The government is considering allocating more funds for the Jiyo Parsi scheme for the next financial year.


About the Jiyo Parsi scheme:

  • Jiyo Parsi is a Central Sector Scheme launched by the Ministry of Minority Affairs in 2013.
  • The main objective of the scheme is to reverse the declining trend of Parsi population by adopting a scientific protocol and structured interventions, stabilize their population and increase the population of Parsis in India.
  • The Scheme comprises of three components (a)Advocacy Component, (b)Health of the Community Component and (c)Medical Component.

Additional information:

About Parsis:

  • Parsi are a group of followers in India who follow the Zoroastrianism.The religion was founded by Prophet Zoroaster(or Zarathustra).
  • According to the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs,the population of Parsis has declined from about 114,000 in 1941 to 57,264 in 2011.
  • Maharashtra has the highest Parsi population in the country followed by Gujarat.
  • Infertility and late marriages are among the main reasons for the rapid decline in the Parsi population.