JK: ‘Machail Mata Yatra’ suspended due to security reasons

  1. The ‘Machail Mata Yatra’ in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir has been suspended due to security reasons.
  2. Machail Mata is the shrine of Goddess Durga or “Chandi Mata”.The name “Machail” is derived from the village where the shrine is located.
  3. The yatra is held annually for a period of 43 days.This year it began on July 25,2019 and was scheduled to end on September 3,2019.
  4. The deity has had many famous devotees.It is believed that Zorawar Singh Kahluria who was a general of the Sikh empire under Maharaja Ranjit Singh had sought the blessings of Machail Mata in 1834 before his mission.His mission was successful and he became a devotee of Machail Mata.