Keep track of infrastructure projects in Delhi through an app

  1. Delhi Government has decided to introduce a mobile application that will have the geo-location of all its infrastructure projects.
  2. The app will also include the features of the project,the details of its nodal departments and officers and its timeline.This will enable people to keep track of the progress.
  3. The Government will also start taking feedback from people on their experiences in various schemes rolled out by the Delhi Government.
  4. These initiatives are part of outcome budget reports and will ensure full transparency in capital expenditure works of the Government.
  5. The Outcome Budget is a progress card on what various Ministries and Departments have done with the outlays in the previous annual budget.
  6. It measures the development outcomes of all government programs and whether the money has been spent for the purpose it was sanctioned, including the outcome of the fund usage.
  7. Delhi Government had introduced outcome budget in 2017-18 to help in removing bottlenecks and to improve the delivery of services and goods to people of Delhi.

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