Land Ports Authority of India

News:Union Minister of State for Home Affairs has addressed the 4th Foundation Day of the Land Ports Authority of India(LPAI).


About LPAI:

  • The Land Ports Authority of India(LPAI) is a statutory body established under the Land Ports Authority of India Act,2010.
  • It functions under the administrative control of the Department of Border Management, Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • It was established to provide safe, secure and systematic facilities for movement of cargo as well passengers at its Integrated Check posts(ICPs) along the international borders of India.

Additional information:

About Integrated Check Post(ICP):

  • Integrated Check Post (ICP) is a trade centre for facilitation of bilateral trade between countries as well as for movement of passengers across the border. 
  • It also aims to generate employment opportunities and provide a boost to the economy of the State and the region.