Lok Sabha clears Bill to include more tribes in Karnataka in ST category

News:The Lok Sabha has passed The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill,2019.


About the Bill:

  • The bill seeks to include the Parivara and the Taliwara communities in the Scheduled Tribes(ST) category to ensure they get a reservation and other benefits provided by the government.The Siddi tribes would also be included in the category.

About Parivara and Taliwara Tribes:

  • Pariwara and Taliwara are socially, politically, economically and educationally backwards communities.
  • They have characteristic features similar to that of the Nayaka tribe which are already included in the list of Scheduled Tribes(ST) of Karnataka.

About Siddi Tribe:

  • The Siddi tribes of Karnataka are believed to have descended from the Bantu people of Southeast Africa who were treated as slaves by Portuguese merchants. 
  • They are predominantly found in the states of western coast of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka states.They are primarily Muslims although some are Hindus and others belong to the Catholic Church.
  • They are included in the list of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups(PVTG’s).