2,361 humans, 510 elephants killed in conflict in five years

News: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change tabled data in Parliament on man-animal conflict.


Key Takeaways:

  • Between 2014 and 2019, 2,361 humans were killed as a result of conflict with elephants
  • 510 elephants were killed in incidents of electrocution, train accidents, poaching and poisoning during the same period.
  • Conflict with tigers caused 275 human deaths between 2014 and 2019
  • West Bengal had the highest number of human deaths caused by elephants and tigers, followed by Odisha and Maharashtra

Additional Information:

Government Initiatives

Draft national wildlife action plan (NWAP) 2017-31

  • ensure that developmental projects do not increase conflicts
  • Use of traditional knowledge to tackle conflicts,

Immune-contraception method: It is non-hormonal form of contraception. It causes production of antibodies which in turn prevents pregnancy. Environment Ministry sanctioned over Rs 10 crore for ‘immunology contraception’ of wild boars, Rhesus monkeys and elephants

Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change Guidelines on Man-Animal conflict

  • Wild Life Rescue Teams equipped with adequate personnel, equipments and communication systems
  • Identifying regular movements corridors of large wildlife, and adequate publicity/awareness to avoid disturbances
  • Compilation of data on conflicts, reasons for such conflicts, best practices of response.
  • Insurance programs for damage due to wildlife