Explained: The difference between private and government Bills in Parliament

News: Members of Parliament will table Private Member’s Bill in the Lok Sabha


Bills to be tabled:

  •  Unemployment Allowance Bill 2019: It proposes unemployment allowance to jobless citizens.
  • Financial Assistance to Unemployed Post-Graduates Bill 2019: It restricts the unemployment allowances to unemployed postgraduates only.
  • Unemployed Youth (Allowance and Employment Opportunities) Bill 2019: It deals with generating gainful employment opportunities and payment of unemployment allowance.

Private Member: An MP who is not a minister is a private member

Private Member Bill:

  •  Bills introduced by private members are referred to as private member’s Bills and those introduced by ministers are called government Bills.
  • The admissibility of a private Bill is decided by the Chairman in the case of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker in the case of the Lok Sabha.
  • Before the Bill can be listed for introduction, the Member must give at least a month’s notice, for the House Secretariat to examine it for compliance with constitutional provisions and rules on legislation.
  •  Private member’s bill can only be introduced and discussed on Fridays, while a government Bill can be introduced and discussed on any day.