Low oil price, food supply kept inflation low:Viral Acharya

  1. The outgoing deputy governor of RBI has credited flexible inflation targeting,low crude prices and efficient food supply management for successful taming of inflation in recent years.
  2. The RBI has shifted to a flexible inflation targeting with a headline target of 4 percent(+/- 2 percent) when the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) was instituted in 2016.
  3. He also said that RBI’s efforts in keeping inflation in check has helped savings as the households were moving away from financial assets to physical assets such as housing and gold.
  4. Further,he said that the two preconditions of macroeconomic stability which are stable growth and low inflation for financialisation of savings and capital market development are now in place in India.
  5. However,improving pension and insurance coverage for households should be a priority as it not only leads to social welfare outcomes but also to a stronger and more stable investor base for capital markets.
  6. He further said with the bankruptcy law,the legal framework for financial regulation is also moving closer to being comprehensive and effective in the context of non- financial corporate borrowers.
  7. However,the lack of a bankruptcy resolution framework for non-bank financial entities remains a crucial gap that deserves prompt attention of the authorities.

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