LS Speaker addresses Commonwealth Youth Parliament

News:Lok Sabha Speaker addressed the inaugural session of the 10th Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Delhi Assembly.


About Commonwealth Youth Parliament:

  • The Commonwealth Youth Parliament is an annual gathering hosted by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).
  • It brings together young people aged 18–29 from across the Commonwealth of Nations to discuss issues of democracy and governance.
  • The Commonwealth Youth Parliament rotates annually through the nine regions of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Additional information:

About CPA:

  • The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association(CPA) was founded in 1911 as the Empire Parliamentary Association(EPA).Its headquarter is located in London.
  • It is an association to serve the Parliamentarians of the Commonwealth Countries by providing machinery for regular consultation and exchange of ideas and information among members of Commonwealth Parliaments.
  • Currently,CPA has approximately 180 branches and is divided into nine regions – Africa; Asia; Australia; British Islands and Mediterranean; Canada; Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic; India; Pacific and South-East Asia.

About Commonwealth of Nations:

  • Commonwealth of Nations is an international intergovernmental organization of countries that were mostly former territories of the British Empire and dependencies.
  • Commonwealth was established by the London Declaration in 1949. Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the Commonwealth.
  • The current membership includes 53 Countries.The membership is based on free and equal voluntary cooperation.
  • The member states of the commonwealth are not legally liable or bound to each other.They are rather united by language,history,culture,likeness of democracy,human rights and the rule of law.