Macron, Ardern host Paris summit against online extremism

  1. French President and New Zealand’s Prime Minister has launched a new initiative called “Christchurch Call”.This initiative is aimed at curbing extremism online.India has also signed this initiative.
  2. This initiative comes in the backdrop of attack on mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand where gunman had killed people while live-streaming the massacre on Facebook.
  3. The initiative asks signatory nations and tech companies to adopt measures to ban objectionable material online and create a framework for media to report on atrocities without amplifying them.
  4. This initiative consists of a non-binding set of agreements.It is believed to be the first document of its type signed by both private companies and major governments.
  5. However,the initiative does not contain any definition of violent extremist content and enforcement or regulatory measures.It would be up to each individual country and company to decide how it would honour its voluntary commitments.
  6. The initiative has also asked tech companies to enforce their terms of service as well as re-evaluate their algorithms that direct users to extremist content and commit to redirecting people looking for extremist material.

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