Maiden ‘Regional Maritime-Safety Conference’ to focus on security, trade

  1. The Regional Maritime Safety Conference 2019, being organized by India for the first time began in Mumbai.
  2. It is organized by the National Maritime Foundation (NMF), in coordination with Ministry of Shipping and Ministry of External Affairs.
  3. The two-day conference will deliberate on issues related to assuring maritime safety in the India-ASEAN sub-region, safeguarding our shores and promoting maritime trade.
  4. During the Conference,Ministry of Shipping has unveiled its policy on “Right of First Refusal ( RoFR)” which means whenever a tendering process is undertaken to charter a vessel, a bidder offering a ship built in India will be given the first priority. It is expected that this priority given to ships built in India will raise the demand for such vessels, providing them with additional market access and will give boost to “Make in India”.