Mali president resigns after military mutiny

News: The military in Mali has arrested the president and prime minister in a coup after weeks of destabilizing protests over a disputed election, government corruption and a violent Islamist insurgency that has lasted for eight years.


  • Mali: It is a landlocked country in West Africa.Its capital is Bamako.
  • Border Countries: It borders Algeria to north-northeast, Niger to east, Burkina Faso to south-east, Ivory Coast to south, Guinea to south-west and Senegal to west and Mauritania to north-west.
  • Physical Features: Most of the Mail lies in the southern Sahara Desert as it’s borders on the north reach deep into the middle of the Sahara Desert while the southern part features the Niger and Senegal rivers.
  • Significance: Mali’s prominent natural resources include gold ( third largest producer in the African continent) and salt.