Manmohan Singh set to lose SPG cover

  1. The Central Government has withdrawn Special Protection Group(SPG) cover for former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  2. Special protection group(SPG) was set up in 1985 after the assassination of former prime minister Indira Gandhi as an executive body on the recommendation of Birbal Nath committee.Later on it became a statutory body under Special Protection Group Act,1988.
  3. SPG provides security to the (a)Prime Minister(PM) of India (b)Former PM of India and (c)Members of their immediate families wherever they are.
  4. SPG is governed by the Cabinet secretariat of India.It is headed by an officer of the rank of inspector-general.
  5. The act was amended in 2002 to make provision for an annual review.The review is based on threat perception that is conducted by security agencies.