Market Intelligence and Early Warning System(MIEWS) Portal

News:Union Minister of Food Processing Industries, launched the– Market Intelligence and Early Warning System (MIEWS) Web Portal.


About the Portal:

  • The portal will provide real time monitoring of prices of tomato, onion and potato (TOP) and simultaneously generate alerts for intervention under the terms of the Operation Greens(OG) scheme. 
  • It would also disseminate all relevant information related to TOP crops such as Prices and Arrivals, Area, Yield and Production, Imports and Exports among others.

About Operation Greens:

  • Operation Green was announced by the Union government in the Budget 2018-2019 with an outlay of Rs.500 crores.
  • The immediate aim of the scheme is to contain the annual price distress of tomatoes, onions and potatoes (TOP) in regions with high production.
  • It also aspires to increase the income of the farmers as in line with an ambition of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022.
  • These goals are to be achieved through interventions by encouraging farmer producers’ organisations, agri-logistics, processing facilities and professional management.