Meet between Afghan govt.Taliban postponed

  1. The peace conference in Qatar that was intended to bring Taliban negotiators and Afghan government officials together was postponed indefinitely after Taliban has objected to the Afghan officials included in the country’s delegation.
  2. The Afghan government has said that a non-government committee had prepared the list of participants which represented all political and social movements and classes of the society to attend the talks.
  3. However,Qatar Government and Taliban had prepared its own list which was non-inclusive and was not acceptable to the Afghan government.
  4. The collapse of talks comes at a critical time as Taliban which was ousted in a US-led invasion has now control over half of the Afghanistan.
  5. Further,U.S and Taliban negotiators are also set to resume talks in Qatar to try to conclude discussions on a preliminary draft agreement about a timeline for foreign forces to exit Afghanistan in exchange for insurgent assurances that they would disallow terrorists from using the Afghan soil for attacks against other countries.