Ministry of Coal to Establish Sustainable Development Cell for Environmental Mitigation Measures

News:The Ministry of Coal has decided to establish a ‘Sustainable Development Cell’.


About Sustainable development Cell:

  • The Sustainable development cell aims to promote environmentally sustainable coal mining in the country and address environmental concerns during the decommissioning or closure of mines.
  • The cell will advise and monitor the mitigation measures taken by the coal companies for maximising the utilisation of available resources in a sustainable way.
  • It also aims to minimise the adverse impact of mining and mitigating it for further  ecosystem services and will act as nodal point at Ministry of Coal level in this matter. 
  • Thus,the Cell envisages to address the environment mitigation measures in a systematic manner and to provide a better environment to people working and residing in the vicinity of Mines.

Functions of the Cell:The Cell will adopt a systemic approach, starting from collection of data, analysis of data, presentation of information planning based on information by executing the following tasks in a planned way:

  • Land amelioration and afforestation
  • Air quality, emission and noise management
  • Mine water management
  • Sustainable Overburden Management
  • Sustainable Mine Tourism
  • Planning and Monitoring
  • Policy, Research, Education, and Dissemination.