Mobile Metallic Rampto

  1. Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) has handed over the design of Mobile Metallic Ramp(MMR) to the Indian Army.
  2. MMR has been designed and developed by DRDO’s premier research laboratory called Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety (CFEES).
  3. MMR has a load bearing capacity of 70 metric ton(MT).It has been designed and developed on requirements projected by Army.
  4. Further,it is also portable and modular in design which can be easily assembled or disassembled.This will provide the strategic mobility for Armoured and Mechanized units and formations of the Army.
  5. DRDO was established in 1958 by the government of India.It is under the administrative control of Union Ministry of Defence.
  6. DRDO aims to enhance India’s self-reliance in Defence Systems.It undertakes design & development leading to the production of a world-class weapon system.