Mochi Swabhimaan Initiative

News:Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship announced the launch of Mochi Swabhimaan Initiative.


About the initiative:

  • Mochi Swabhimaan Initiative is a nationwide effort in which Leather Sector Skill Council (LSSC) will support the cobbler community who provide leather-based services, with CSR funds.
  • This will ensure that they work in a dignified manner by bringing respect to their skills by giving them better working environment in the form of kiosks/umbrellas. 

About Leather Sector Skill Council(LSSC):

  • The Leather Sector Skill Council (LSSC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to meet the demand for skilled workforce in the leather industry in India. 
  • LSSC was set up in 2012 as one of the key sector skill councils approved by National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC).
  • It aims to facilitate a skilled ecosystem in the leather industry through capacity building for high productivity and compliance with global standards.

Additional information:

Statistics on Leather industry:

  • India accounts for about 13% of the world’s leather production. 
  • The leather industry contribute less than 1% to India’s GDP and Footwear industry contributes about 2% to India’s GDP. 
  • Indian leather industry has huge potential for exports.It can reach USD 9.0 billion by 2020, from the present level of USD 5.85 billion.