Modi, Trump discuss Iran, trade and defence ahead of G20 Summit

  1. Indian Prime Minister has held bilateral talks with US President ahead of the formal inauguration of the G-20 Summit in Osaka,Japan.
  2. The two leaders discussed various bilateral and global issues such as (a)Iran (b)5G communications networks (c)trade and (d)defence ahead of the G-20 Summit.
  3. The two leaders agreed that trade issues need to be discussed and trade ministers of both countries will be meeting soon to resolve issues.
  4. The US administration has barred use or installation of Huawei 5G technology equipped devices in critical infrastructure and offices related to security establishment.
  5. The US has been lobbying with friendly nations to boycott Huawei 5G rollout in those countries.Japan and Australia have already barred Huawei from rolling out 5G technology there.
  6. India has not yet committed to US administration’s call for a ban on Huawei plan to rollout 5G in the country.India maintains the decision will be taken considering its own business and security interests.
  7. On Iran,Indian PM has pressed for the need to maintain stability in the gulf region.He said that nearly 8 lakh Indians work in the region and their presence makes India an important stakeholder in peace there.He also conveyed India’s energy concerns if situation remains volatile in gulf region.
  8. The two countries also discussed defence ties where the US president has said that defence deals between the two countries should go forward.But US did not raise the issue of S-400 missile system that India is buying from Russia.

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