Motihari- Amlekhgunj petroleum pipeline will be a game-changer for Nepal: Indian Ambassador

  1. Indian Ambassador to Nepal has announced that Motihari- Amlekhgunj petroleum pipeline will start commercial operation by August,2019.
  2. The 69-kilometre long petroleum pipeline from Motihari in Bihar to Amelkhgunj in Nepal has been constructed by India.
  3. The project will reduce the huge transportation cost for Nepal.The commercial operation of the oil project will also ensure reduction in fuel prices.
  4. The project will ensure smooth,cost-effective and environmentally friendly supply of petroleum products to Nepal and will also help in tackling the oil storage problem in Nepal.
  5. The Motihari-Amlekhgunj oil pipeline project was first proposed in 1996. However,the project finally edged closer to reality during Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Nepal in 2014.