Nagaland: 4,700 Konyak Naga women dance together to set world record

  1. Around 4,700 Konyak Naga women came together in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Traditional Konyak Dance”.
  2. The programme was organised by Konyak Union at Mon during the ‘Aoleang Monyu festival’.It was organised with an aim to preserve the cultural heritage of the konyak people and also to promote tourism.
  3. During the festival,Konyak people danced to the beats of traditional instruments and sang a ceremonial song for five minutes and one second.The official declaration on the record to be announced by the Guinness authorities is expected within few days.
  4. Konyak is one of the 16 Naga tribes and people of this community live mainly in the Mon district of Nagaland.They are easily distinguishable from other Naga tribes by their pierced ears and tattoos which they have all over their faces,hands,chest,arms and calves.
  5. Aoleng,a festival celebrated in the first week of April to welcome the spring is the biggest festival of the Konyaks.Another festival,’Lao Ong Mo’,is the traditional harvest festival celebrated in the months of August/September.