Narendra Modi, Shinzo Abe discuss economy, bullet train

  1. Indian PM and Japanese PM has held bilateral talks in Osaka,Japan. This was the first such meeting between the two leaders since the start of Japan’s Reiwa era.
  2. Reiwa is the era of Japan which began on 1st May,2019 during which the next Japanese Emperor took up the throne as the 126th Emperor of Japan.
  3. The two countries held discussions on issues such as global economy, issues of fugitive economic offenders and disaster management.
  4. Indian PM said that the goodwill and mutual respect between the two countries has translated into the manufacturing of bullet trains for India.
  5. India is planning to run its first bullet train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad with Japan’s assistance.The first stretch of the ambitious project is expected to be completed by 2022.
  6. Japanese PM also referred to the Indian Prime Minister’s initiatives on the issue of fugitive economic offenders and said that the G20 should deal with this problem as part of its anti corruption measures.
  7. Japan PM also underlined the need to find appropriate measures to check the global trade issues and data flows.He also said that the G20 should also come up with a constructive message on the issue of climate change.
  8. Indian PM has also sought Japan’s assistance in building disaster resilient infrastructure.Prime minister said that Japan’s support in this area is crucial because of its experience in disaster management, rehabilitation and reconstruction.
  9. Japan accounts for about 20% of the world’s earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater and is exposed to uncountable natural disasters like typhoons and active volcanoes.The country has a long history of awareness of the importance of disaster risk reduction.
  10. The two leaders also emphasised the need to jointly take up projects in the neighbourhood.Indian PM said one of the important projects India and Japan are taking forward is setting up a cancer hospital in Kenya.

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