National Maritime Domain Awareness (NMDA) Project

  1. Defence minister has visited the Information Management and Analysis Centre(IMAC) and Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region (IFC-IOR) located at Gurugram.
  2. The two centres are under the National Maritime Domain Awareness (NMDA) Project.The NMDA project was launched in accordance with the vision of Prime Minister under SAGAR (Security And Growth for All in the Region).
  3. The IMAC monitors movement of more than 120,000 ships a year passing through the Indian Ocean.It collects shipping information, analysing traffic patterns and sharing the inputs with the user agencies.
  4. The IFC-IOR has been established in 2018 at the Navy’s Information Management and Analysis Centre(IMAC) in Gurugram.IFC is a single point centre linking all the coastal radar chains to generate a seamless real-time picture of the nearly 7,500-km coastline.
  5. Through this Centre,information on white shipping or commercial shipping is exchanged with countries in the region to improve maritime domain awareness in the Indian Ocean.White-shipping refers to commercial shipping information about the movement of cargo ship.