National Security Guard(NSG)

News:Union Minister for Home Affairs celebrated the 35th raising day ceremony of National Security Guard (NSG) at NSG headquarters located in Manesar, Gurugram.


About National Security Guard(NSG):

  • National Security Guard(NSG) is a counter terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
  • It was founded in 1984 following Operation Blue Star for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances.
  • The head of NSG is designated as Director General (DG) and  is selected and appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs.
  • The NSG personnel are often referred to in the media as Black Cats. They are also deployed to protect VIPs for whom the threat perception is the highest.
  • National Security Guard has also been given the specific role to handle all facets of terrorism in any part of the country as a Federal Contingency Force.