New data relay satellites to keep Gaganyaan crew in touch with Earth

News: ISRO is planning to launch Indian Data Relay Satellite System


About Indian Data Relay Satellite System

  • It is a set of satellites that will track, send and receive information from other Indian satellites


  • track and be constantly in touch with Indian satellites, particularly those in low-earth orbits
  • useful in monitoring launches
  • Help crew of Gaganyaan to maintain contact with mission control throughout

Additional Information

Other such satellite systems

1.      TDRS (Tracking & Data Relay Satellites): USA

2.      Satellite Data Relay Network: Russia

3.      European Data Relay System: Europe

4.      Tianlian II series: ChinaGaganyaan Mission: It is India‚Äôs first Human Space Flight Programme to be launched by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) by 2022.