Mizoram govt to organise Zo Kutpui to unify Mizo tribes

News:The Mizoram government is organising Zo Kutpui (festival) in at least 10 states across India and countries such as US, Myanmar and Bangladesh.


About Zo Kutpui Festival:

  • The Zo Kutpui festival aims to unify and strengthen the brotherhood among various Mizo tribes living in different parts of the world.
  • The first edition of the festival will start in Tripura and then move to other states which have significant Mizo population.
  • The festival will witness various cultural programmes by different Mizo tribes.

Additional information:

About Mizo Tribe:

  • The Mizos are tribal people that are spread between Myanmar in the east to Bangladesh in the west.In India,the Mizo population is mainly found in Manipur,Tripura and Mizoram. 
  • There are 12 major Mizo clans identified.It includes Lusei people, Lushai hills people, Chin people, Pawi-Lusei, Tlau, Khiangte, Hualngo among others.