New protocols for managing disasters

  1. The Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has updated standard operating procedures (SOP) and adopted new protocols for disaster management in the State.
  2. The updated SOP is known as ‘Orange book of disaster management — Kerala — SOP and emergency support functions plan.  It was previously known as the ‘Handbook on disaster management — Volume 2 — emergency operations centres and emergency support functions plan.’
  3. The Orange Book contains information and describes incidence response mechanisms to be adopted at the State, district and taluk level. It explains the SOP for rainfall, flood, cyclone, tsunami, high waves, landslip, petrochemical accidents and even mishaps caused by space debris.
  4. KSDMA has also put forward ‘Monsoon preparedness and emergency response plan.’ It is a season specific plan. It is meant to be strictly complied with during the south-west and north-east monsoon seasons (June to December). Earlier, directives on monsoon preparedness were issued in the form of government circulars.
  5. It has been published in Malayalam. It lists the roles of the State emergency operations centre, central agencies, district disaster management authorities, and 29 departments. The plan will be updated every year after receiving the first Long Range Forecast of the India Meteorological Department.

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