Nirmohi Akhara seeks additions to Ayodhya mediation panel

  1. The Nirmohi Akhara, one of the plaintiff in the Ram Janmabhoomi- -Babri Masjid land dispute case (Ayodhya case) has moved an application in the Supreme Court alleging loopholes in the mediation proceedings of the case.
  2. The Supreme Court had referred the Ayodhya case for mediation. The Court had formed a mediation panel headed by former SC judge Justice F M Kalifullah. Mediation proceedings took place on 13th march 2019.
  3. Dissatisfied with the mediation proceedings, the Nirmohi Akhara has suggested the following measures: a) the Akhara and the UP Sunni Waqf Board who are original plaintiffs in the case should be encouraged to have dialogues with each other under the aegis of the panel, without having to give any proposal in writing, b) induct two more retired Supreme Court judges to the panel and c) shifting of the mediation proceedings from Faizabad to New Delhi as the case is sensitive.
  4. Mediation is one of the methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR is the procedure for settling disputes without litigation.
  5. Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained impartial third person(s) who assists them in reaching a settlement.