Liquor, cash, freebies swing votes: ADR survey

  1. A nationwide survey by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has reported that for 41.34% respondents distribution of liquor, cash and freebies was an important factor behind voting a particular candidate in election. ADR is a NGO which works in the area of electoral and political reforms
  2. ADR conducted the survey to a) identify voters’ priorities on specific governance issues, b) voters’ ratings of the government’s performance on those issues, and c) factors affecting voting behaviour.
  3. According to the survey, better employment opportunities, better healthcare and drinking are top 3 voter’s priorities.
  4. Further, for none among the listed priorities in the survey the performance of the government was rated as average or above average.
  5. The report also revealed that voting behaviour is largely driven by who is the party’s chief ministerial candidate. The party to which a candidate belongs to ranks second on the priority list, followed by the candidate’s profile, candidate’s caste& religion and distribution of gifts.