NIT Kurukshetra implements Enterprises Resource Planning(ERP), SAMARTH

News: NIT Kurukshetra has implemented Enterprises Resource Planning(ERP), SAMARTH to enhance productivity through better information management and automating the process in the institute.


  • SAMARTH: It is an open source, open standard enabled robust, secure, scalable and evolutionary process automation engine for Universities and Higher Educational Institutions.
  • It has been developed under the National Mission of Education in Information and Communication Technology Scheme(NMEICT) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD).
  • The platform caters to faculty, students and staff at a University/Higher Educational Institutions.
  • Significance: It would automate the processes of the enhancement of productivity through better information management in the institute by seamless access to information and proper utilization of information.

Additional Facts:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP): It refers to a type of software designed to integrate the main functions of an organization’s business processes into a unified system.
  • NMEICT: It was launched in 2003 by MHRD to leverage the potential of ICT in teaching and learning process for the benefit of all the learners in Higher Education Institutions in any time anywhere mode.
  • Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme: It was started in 2002 by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development with the assistance of the World Bank.It aims to upscale the quality of technical education and enhance capacities of institutions.