No tinkering with Article 371, Amit Shah assures states

  1. Union Home Minister has assured states that Article 371 of the Indian Constitution will not be altered or interfered with.
  2. Article 371 of the Indian Constitution grants some temporary, transition and special provisions to some states in India.
  3. Article 371 provides special powers to the governors of Gujarat and Maharashtra to create independent development boards in regions such as Vidarbha, Marathwada, Kutch etc.
  4. Article 371A is for Nagaland. It states that the state‚Äôs religious or social practices or customary law will be decided by the state assembly.
  5. Article 371 (B) is for Assam. Article 371 (C) is for Manipur
  6. Article 371 (D) and (E) provides for special provisions for Andhra Pradesh
  7. Articles 371 (F), talk about special provisions with respect to Sikkim. Article 371 (G) is for Mizoram
  8. 371 (H) talks about special provisions for Arunachal Pradesh. Article 371 (I) deals with special provisions for Goa.
  9. Article 371 (J) grants special status to six backward districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region