Northern European Enclosure Dam(NEED)

News:Recently,Scientists have proposed the construction of the Northern European Enclosure Dam(NEED) enclosing all of the North Sea to protect Northern European countries from Sea-level Rise(SLR).


About NEED:

  • The Northern European Enclosure Dam(NEED) project involves the construction of dams of a combined length of 637 km enclosing all of the North Sea.
  • The first dam will be between a) France and England and the second dam between b) Scotland and Norway.
  • The dams will hence separate the North and Baltic Seas from the Atlantic Ocean to protect Northern European countries against Sea level Rise(SLR).

Additional information:

About North Sea:

  • The North Sea is a sea that is part of the Atlantic Ocean in northern Europe. 
  • It is surrounded by Norway and Denmark in the east, Scotland and England in the west, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France in the south.