Officials allow some persons to cast ‘tendered’ votes in T.N.

  1. The presiding officer has allowed a first-time voter in Tamil Nadu to cast a tendered vote when she was told someone had voted against her name.
  2. The power given to a voter to bypass identity theft and exercise your right to vote is called the tendered Vote.
  3. According to the Conduct of Elections Rules,1961,a voter is allowed to cast a ‘tendered vote’ when someone else representing to be a particular voter has already cast that vote.
  4. The presiding officer may allow the actual voter to vote,if the person is able to prove his or her identity.They would be provided a ballot paper to mark symbol and it would be placed in a cover specially kept for that purpose.
  5. Further,tendered votes are considered only in cases where the victory margin is narrow and are not usually counted in case of victory by huge margins.