Online content can’t be regulated under Cinematograph Act: HC

  1. The Karnataka High Court has held that the films, serials and other multimedia contents transmitted through online platforms like Youtube, Netflix cannot be regulated under Cinematograph Act, 1952.
  2. The court observed that going by the concept of internet and its operation, the act of exhibition of films, serials and other content perhaps amounts to transfer of files based on requests by users. Therefore, it does not come under the purview of Cinematograph Act.
  3. The verdict came in the backdrop of a petition which alleged that children were being affected due to unregulated content transmitted through online platforms. The petition sought a mechanism to regulate content from online platforms.
  4. Earlier a similar petition was filed in Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court which sought framing of guidelines by the government to regulate the functioning of online media streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  5. Cinematograph Act, 1952 deals with provisions for the certification of cinematograph films for exhibition and for regulating exhibitions by means of cinematographs.