Operation Dhanush

News:Indian Railways Central Railway zone has conducted ‘Operation Dhanush’.


About Operation Dhanush:

  • The Operation was conducted against the ticket touts involved in e-ticketing. 
  • The operation was carried out in all the five divisions falling under the Central Railway Zone.
  • The operation was launched after it was suspected that the tickets were booked by unauthorized ticket agents using dubious software.

Additional information:

  • Operation Number Plate:The operation was launched by the Railway Protection Force(RPF).It had aimed to identify and verify all vehicles parked in Railway premises, circulating area, parking lots and even in the ‘No Parking’ areas for longer duration.
  • Operation Thirst:The operation was launched by the Railway Protection Force(RPF).The program had aimed to stop selling of unauthorised Packaged Drinking Water (PDW) in railway premises.