Palau signs International Solar Alliance Framework agreement

  1. Palau has signed the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Framework Agreement.
  2. Palau became the 76th country to sign the ISA Framework Agreement, which till now has been ratified by a total of 54 of the 76 countries.
  3. The ISA is an alliance of more than 122 countries initiated by India most of them being sunshine countries which lie either completely or partly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
  4. The ISA was established by the Paris Declaration.It is headquartered at Gurugram,India.The primary objective of the alliance is to work for efficient exploitation of solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
  5. The alliance is a treaty-based intergovernmental organization.Countries that do not fall within the Tropics can join the alliance and enjoy all benefits as other members with the exception of voting rights.
  6. The ISA’s objectives includes global deployment of over 1,000GW of solar generation capacity and mobilisation of investment of over US$ 1000 billion into solar energy by 2030.