Pangio bhujia

News:Researchers from Kerala have discovered a new species of eel-loach named ‘Pangio bhujia’ in Kozhikode district of state.


About Pangio Bhujia:

  • The species has been named ‘Pangio bhujia’ due to its resemblance to the North Indian snack, bhujia.It belongs to genus Pangio.
  • Pangio Bhujia is a unique species of miniature well-dwelling subterranean fish. 
  • It is the first species of eel-loach in the world that has been discovered to be living in subterranean environments. 
  • Eel-loaches are generally found in fast-flowing streams in the south and the south-east Asia.


  • It is approximately 3 centimetres long and pinkish-red in colour.It resides in purest waters of deep subterranean aquifers. 
  • It has several unique characters including absence of dorsal fin which has never been encountered in genus Pangio to which this new species belongs.