Period Poverty

News:Scotland may become the first country in the world to end ‘period poverty’ by passing the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill to make sanitary products free for all.


About Period Poverty:

  • Period poverty is often described as a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints.

About Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill:

  • The Scottish Parliament has passed the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Bill.
  • It aims to develop a universal system in Scotland which will provide free sanitary products for anyone who needs them.

Additional information:

Period Poverty in India:

  • Increased risk of disease:In India,an estimated 70% of all reproductive diseases are caused by poor menstrual hygiene as women often use dirty rags as a replacement for sanitary pads.
  • Cultural stereotypes have a huge impact: Menstruation in India is often seen as a shameful conversation.Studies estimate that 71% of girls have no knowledge about menstrual health until after their first period.
  • High Cost of Sanitation facilities:Approximately 70 million people in India live in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 dollars per day.Hence for low-income households, the cost of sanitary pads is often unattainable.
  • Period poverty in India affects education:On average, girls miss six days of class each month due to shame surrounding their periods or a lack of sanitary products.This contributes to the number of girls in India who dropout of school each year around 23%.

Initiatives by Indian Government:

  • Janaushadhi Suvidha scheme:It aims to provide women with oxo-biodegradable sanitary napkins at a meagre cost of Rs 2.50/pad across 3,600 Janaushadhi Kendras in the country.