Piggery development project

  1. Chief Minister of Meghalaya has met with Union Minister for Animal Husbandry to discuss piggery development project.
  2. The piggery development project is to be launched in Meghalaya.The project will be financed by the National Cooperative Development Corporation(NCDC) along with the State Government. 
  3. The proposed Piggery development project aims to boost domestic availability of pig meat in the entire North Eastern Region and also promote its exports thereby giving livelihood opportunities to the people.
  4. The project will also create awareness amongst the rural people to take up Piggery farming with improved breeding stock.
  5. The National Cooperative Development Corporation(NCDC) is a statutory Corporation set up under an Act of Indian Parliament in 1963.
  6. NCDC has the unique distinction of being the sole statutory organisation functioning as an apex financial and developmental institution exclusively devoted to cooperative sector.