Platinum Jubilee Commemoration of Battle of Kangla Tongbi

  1. The Platinum Jubilee of the Battle of Kangla Tongbi War was commemorated on 07 Apr 2019 by Army Ordnance Corps at Kangla Tongbi War Memorial near Imphal,Manipur.
  2. The Battle of Kangla Tongbi is also known as Battle of Lion Box.It is considered one of the fiercest battles of World War II.It was fought by Ordnance personnel of 221 Advance Ordnance Depot (AOD) on the night of 6/7 April 1944.
  3. During the Second World War (1942-1945),Japanese forces had planned three pronged strategy to capture Imphal and surrounding areas.At Kangla Tongbi,a detachment of the 221 Advance Ordnance Depot (AOD) put a stiff resistance stalling the advance of Japanese forces till reinforcement arrived and forced the Japanese to withdraw.
  4. The KanglaTongbi War Memorial is a tribute to this battle and the complete dedication to duty of the Ordnance personnel of 221 AOD.