PM Modi to launch ‘One Nation One Card’ for all modes of transport

  1. PM Modi, during his 2 day visit to Gujarat, is scheduled to launch “One Nation one Card”. “The One Nation one Card” policy was announced by NITI Aayog at the Future Mobility Summit-2018-India’s Move to NextGen Transport Systems” in November 2018.
  2. The “One Nation One Card” seeks to provide seamless connectivity between various modes of transport. It is a single card which can be used for paying for travel on any mode of transportation.
  3. Further, all new credit and debit cards issued by most banks have the National Common Mobility Card feature to make payments for their travel. The “one nation one card” along with this feature in debit and credit cards would enable people to use them either in PoS machines deployed at ticket counters or use them like Metro rail smart cards.
  4. Ministry of Urban Development introduced the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) model to enable seamless travel by different metros and other transport systems across India besides retail shopping and purchases. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) was entrusted to prepare the standards & specifications of the NCMC.
  5. The benefits of NCMC are a) Interoperability for passenger between bus, train, metro, parking etc. in the urban area, b) Single e-purse with access to multiple product