Palghar to get another seismometer

  1. Another seismometer will be installed in Palghar district, Maharashtra. This would be the fourth seismometer to be installed in Palghar. Earthquakes are measured with a seismometer, commonly known as a seismograph.
  2. Palghar district has been witnessing an unusual frequency of earthquakes since November, 2018. This had led to the establishment of three temporary field stations of the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) to observe and record the seismic activity. Recently, on March 1st 2019, Palghar was hit by an earthquake measuring 4.3 on the moment magnitude (Mw) scale- the first time the magnitude crossed 4 in Palghar.
  3. Previously, scientists had estimated that Palghar could see a ‘maximum credible earthquake’ or MCE measuring Mw 6.5. The MCE is the largest quake that can occur in a region.