Project Beehive

News:Indian Army has launched a project named Project Beehive.


About Project Beehive:

  • Project Beehive was launched by the Army’s Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers(EME) on September 1,2019.
  • The project seeks to achieve greater automation of the Corps and connect all its workshops to an integrated smart network with real-time data analytics capabilities.
  • The centralised network would allow Indian army to access data about any equipment across the country in real-time basis,
  • The project would also have the capability to analyse the data and say which equipment is due for maintenance.
  • The project has been divided into eight modules of which the first module is ready and the second is under preparation.
  • The Army had earlier automated its workshops under WASP (Workshop Honey bees) which is now being upgraded to be on the same level with Beehive.

Additional information:

About Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers(EME):

  • The Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers(EME) is an arms and service branch of the Indian Army. 
  • The Corps has varying responsibilities related to the design, development, trial, inspection and refit of weapon systems and equipment. 
  • They also provide technical advice to units and conduct recovery operations in peace and war.