Radio-tagged Amur Falcons arrive in Manipur

News: Chuilon and Irang, the radio-tagged Amur Falcons have arrived in Manipur after completing one migratory journey that covered 29,000 km in 361 days.


  • The Amur Falcon locally known as ‘Akhoipuina is the world’s longest travelling migratory raptors.
  • Migratory Route: They breed in East Asia and migrate to northeast India, Sri Lanka and sometimes to Thailand, Cambodia and up to the Arabian Sea and parts of Southern Africa.
  • Doyang Lake in Nagaland is known as a stopover for the Amur falcons during their annual migration.
  • IUCN Status: Least Concern
  • Significance: Nagaland Government organises Amur Falcon festival to spread awareness about the need to provide safe passage to Amur falcons.