Reservation of Limboo and Tamang Communities

  1. Government of India has informed Parliament that a proposal for reservation of seats for Limboo and Tamang communities in Sikkim Legislative Assembly is under consideration.
  2. Article 371F(f) and Article 332 of the Constitution of India govern reservation of seats in the Legislative Assembly of Sikkim.
  3. Article 332 mandates reservation of seats for Scheduled Tribes(STs) in the State Legislative Assembly.
  4. Article 371-F(f) states that Parliament may make provisions for protecting the rights and interests of different sections of the population of Sikkim by reserving seats in the Legislative Assembly for such sections of people.
  5. Further,it empowers the Parliament to delimit Assembly constituencies from which candidates belonging to such sections alone may contest elections.
  6. The Limboo are Kirati people indigenous and native to the Himalayan Limbuwan region of the Indian subcontinent in what is now modern-day Eastern Nepal, Northern Sikkim, India and Western Bhutan.
  7. The Tamang are the largest Tibetic ethnic group of Nepalis and Indian Gorkhas.Traditionally Buddhist by religion,they Constitute 5.6% of the Nepalese population.Indian Tamangs are also a significant number in Sikkim and Darjeeling District of West Bengal.