Rice research body releases 4 climate-smart varieties

  1. The National Rice Research Institute (NRRI), a constituent institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, released four new rice varieties.
  2. The four new rice varieties consists of (a) two high-protein rice varieties (CR Dhan 310 and CR Dhan 311) and (b)two climate-smart varieties (CR Dhan 801 and CR Dhan 802).These rice varieties are tolerant to both submergence and drought and few biotic stresses to face the challenges of climate change.
  3. NRRI also developed a Mobile App ‘riceXpert’ to provide information to farmers in real time on insect pests, nutrients, weeds, nematodes and disease-related problems.It will also facilitate the flow of information from scientist to farmers.
  4. NRRI is the nodal agency for planning, implementation and monitoring of bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India programme.
  5. It is situated at Cuttack,Odisha.It is one of the premier national research institutes under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research