Right Livelihood Award

News:Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has won the Right Livelihood Award.


About the Right Livelihood Award:

  • The Right Livelihood Award was created in 1980 by Swedish-German philatelist Jakob von Uexkull.The award is also known as the alternative Nobel Prize.
  • The award was created after Nobel Foundation behind the Nobel Prizes refused to create awards honouring efforts in the fields of the environment and international development.
  • The award consists of a cash prize of one million Swedish kronor ($103,000 or 94,000 euro) for each laureate meant to support the recipient’s work.

Purpose of the Right Livelihood Award:The purpose of Right Livelihood Awards is to promote scientific research, education, public understanding and practical activities which:

  • contribute to a global ecological balance
  • are aimed at eliminating material and spiritual poverty
  • contribute to lasting peace and justice in the world.