Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)

News:The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) will now become an independent organization led by an Executive Director.


About GIFCT:

  • Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism(GIFCT) was formally established in July 2017.
  • The forum was led by a rotating chair drawn from the founding four companies—Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube.
  • The main aim of the forum is to prevent terrorists and violent extremists from exploiting digital platforms.


  • Improve the capacity of a broad range of technology companies, independently and collectively, to prevent and respond to abuse of their digital platforms by terrorists and violent extremists
  • Enable multi-stakeholder engagement around terrorist and violent extremist misuse of the internet and encourage stakeholders to meet key commitments consistent with the GIFCT mission
  • Encourage those dedicated to online civil dialogue and empower efforts to direct positive alternatives to the messages of terrorists and violent extremists
  • Advance broad understanding of terrorist and violent extremist operations and their evolution, including the intersection of online and offline activities.


  • The GIFCT will be restructured as an independent membership organization led by an Executive Director and supported by dedicated staff. 
  • The funding for the core operations of the forum will be drawn from industry contributions.