Royal Navy of Oman ships arrive in Goa for naval exercise Naseem Al Bahr

News:Recently,Oman ships has arrived in Goa to participate in Naseem Al Bahr the Indo-Oman bilateral naval exercise.


About Exercise Naseem Al Bahr:

  • The Exercise Naseem-Al-Bahr(sea breeze) is a naval exercise between the Indian Navy and Oman.The exercise is being conducted since 1993.
  • The exercise will have two phases namely the harbour phase in Goa followed by sea phase off the Goa coast.
  • During the harbour phase,the countries will conduct subject matter expert exchanges on professional topics.On the other hand,sea phase will have reciprocal receptions and planning conferences.

Additional information:

Other exercises between India and Oman:

  • Exercise Al-Najah:It is an army exercise conducted between the India and Oman.
  • Exercise Eastern Bridge:It is an Air Force exercise that is held between India and Oman.