Sex ratio at birth: Kerala on top, Northeast states show decline

  1. According to the fourth National Family Health Surveys(NFHS),sex ratio at birth(SRB) has improved from 914 in 2005-06 to 919 in 2015-16.SRB is defined as the number of female births per 1,000 male births.
  2. The survey has said that the highest improvement in SRB was in Punjab at 126 points but its SRB remained at 860 which was one of the lowest SRB in the states.
  3. Further,after Punjab,the highest improvement in SRB was in Kerala at 1,047 from 925 in 2005-06.Its SRB was the highest among all states.
  4. Despite the North-Eastern societies traditionally being matriarchal,the sharpest decline was in Sikkim where the SRB dropped 175 points to reach 809,the lowest among all states in 2015-16.